OFF THE MAT is a two-hour speaker series brought to you by business and martial arts professionals providing inspirational and informative messages on topics that include everything from marketing, staff development, business development, and competition improvement.


Instead of the usual 45 min - 1 hour instruction-based seminars, OFF THE MAT is set to engage audiences through short, 18-20 minute presentations to get to the heart of what is most important in the martial arts industry.

Stop in for just a couple of speakers or stay for the whole time. OFF THE MAT will run from 9 AM - 11 AM at the Waverly Hotel. Specific ballroom to be announced closer to the event. 


Be sure to add a pass to OFF THE MAT in the merchandise section of registration checkout!




                       (Bronx, NY)

Every hero has his journey. Every warrior has his tale. 

During the 2017 Battle Zone Night Show,  a relatively unknown fighter from the Bronx, exploded onto the national stage winning both Men's Overall and the Men's Open Weight sparring titles.


This is the story of James Pore. In this session, find out how James's life situation and struggles were overcome by the help of a few loving people who introduced him to the martial arts.This multi-talented young man shares his personal journey both on and off the mat. 

This is a session you will not want to miss. 


Recommended for everyone. 

Trying to build a dynamic school culture that reduces attrition and generates referrals? 


Meet Josh Horwege, coach and co-sponsor of team TDE.   Josh believes that every child is one adult away from a successful future. His Dojo schools have developed systems that focus on maintaining and building relationships with students creating a dynamic and engaging school culture.


Josh's systems were developed by seeking information from outside the martial arts industry.  If you are school owner, and you are looking for a fresh approach that that is all about making a difference in kids' lives, then this session is for you! 

Recommended for all coach, instructors, & business owners.



                         (Alpharetta, GA)


A true entrepreneur. He built his business one tournament at a time and created his own identity. He is the host of the highly sought after tournament coverage show, Point Fighter Live.


Join Alex as he tells his story of struggle, heartbreak, and faith. How others pushed him and coached him and helped him to become an icon in the sport of competitive martial arts. 

If you're looking to be inspired or simply want to gain a new perspective on following your dreams, this session is for you! 


Recommended for everyone


(Miami, FL)

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